Monday, February 26, 2007

Journey to weight loss.......

So I finally joined Weight Watchers and I'm going to keep track of my progress by blogging.
So far I'm pretty pleased with it... I started in at 183 and now I'm at 177. In two weeks; I've lost 6 lbs. I know some people have done way better than that but for me that's still good. In the first week I lost 4.5 lbs which really made me happy! The 2nd week I sorta deviated from the foods I should have been eating - but not too bad. I've also stepped up the physical activity in my routine and have done well with that also. I decided to do the Core Plan which is different than the Flex Plan in that you can only eat certain foods - but in any quantities you want for the most part. I wasn't so sure about the meetings at first but I'm convinced now that they're really beneficial for anyone that is involved in Weight Watchers because it gives you the support you need and it helps to enourage members --- as a group and as individuals. I feel like I'm more accountable now and I'm not stressing out about what to lose and by what time... because I only need to think about and focus on the week at hand. I only need to get from Saturday to Saturday. It doesn't make you think as LONG TERM like the other diets out there.

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