Friday, February 17, 2006

With my 30th birthday creeping up quickly, I've been really assessing my life lately. Where I'm going or where I would like to be going. I don't even have an inkling of an answer to that burning question. I sure don't feel like I'm in a place in my life that I'd like to be. Worse yet is that I don't know where exactly that is. I often talk about wanting to do one thing and then onto talking about the next big goal I have and I never seem to go anywhere with it. After receiving word of the possibility of a class reunion, I started to consider going. Only shortly after, I started to think of what I had to show for. What have I been doing since I graduated 12 yrs ago? I mean sure, I've been working and I went to college for a short time. I worked at the shore for a summer, just like I'd always dreamed of. But have I really accomplished anything I've set out to do? Have I realized any dreams that I've always had? And what about my job? Sure it pays the bills and in most cases, it's a decent job. The benefits, the bonuses, the perks. But it's not what I had my mind or heart set on doing. I'm trying to figure out just what I've accomplished thus far in this life and there's not much to tell of. So my big plan is to start getting this ball rolling and get my ass in gear. If I want the job in the medical field, then I need to get back to school and get my courses completed and then get on to finding that job I want. Problem is: I wonder how my current employer is going to take my wanting to go to school and how they're going to "work with me" to afford me the hours I need in order to go to the classes in the evening. I guess if I really sat down with my boss and explained to him my deal, he might be understanding. He, himself, has a daughter close to my age, and I'm sure he wants her to find her niche in life and seek the career that she finds most suits her. So that's how I'll approach the subject. Of course my weight is another big issue that I have begun to deal with as part of this life makeover. I would like to get down about 25 lbs.. I would reach my ideal weight at that point or almost there. It doesn't seem like a lot. Then gain, it seems so friggin' easy to gain 25 lbs and it seems next to impossible to lose it. What is the deal with that?! It's just better to be at my ideal weight for a lot of reasons: I'll feel better about myself and I'll also be healthier..(I hope). Well today is March 4th so I have a little time before my 30th birthday--April 19th...I'll be sure to update on my progress as often as I can...And hopefully that progress starts to show real soon.

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